Module V

Training Program:  Impact of Environmental Pollutants on Reproductive Health
Module V: Safety and Health Programmes
Module coordinator: Eng Sherif Abdou

Module Goal:

The participants are provided with knowledge on local environmental/occupational problems,
describe the rationale and procedures for conducting onsite evaluation of potential hazardous
at factories environment.

The contents of this module will be classified as follows:

  1. Explain the purpose of the module
  2. Use worksheet by participants

A series of questions of the main points of the module will be introduced. The participants
will be instructed to complete the worksheet at the beginning of the module. If they are
completely unfamiliar with the topic, they should be encouraged to guess the answers.

  1. Lectures as Pdf, PowerPoint Presentation, and video

Through this module, two lectures will be presented as Pdf, PowerPoint presentation, and video record as follows:

  1. Use Worksheet again

The participants will be instructed to complete the same worksheet at the ending of
the module. This step is done to know the level of the knowledge gained by the participants.

  1. Short Quiz as multiple choice questions

    PRACTICAL I PRACTICAL II Presented by: Eng Sherif Abdou