Assignment Checklist


           Training Program in: Impact of Environmental Pollutants on Reproductive Health


  • Self-assessment checklist for assignment:

This is a list of indications to help the participants for the preparation of their assignment.

  • Title and personal information:
  1. Have you noted your name, your email address, your institutional affiliation?
  2. Does the title you have chosen succinctly describe the contents of your paper?
  • Literature search
  1. Have you described the strategy used for the literature search?
  2. Have you identified the most relevant resources related to the topic that you study?
  3. Have you identified the most relevant documents related to the topic that you study, published in your country?
  4. Have you completed a full bibliography record?
  5. Have you checked the value of the material you have found (credibility of authors, that the material cover the topic and your country?
  • References
  1. Have you referenced all the information from others?
  2. Have you put any copied sentences in quotation marks?
  3. When citing, have you provided the reference to the work as soon as possible after giving the information?
  4. Have you checked that all the quotes are accurate in source, spelling, and punctuation?
  5. Have you numbered your references consecutively in the order in which they are first mentioned in the text?
  6. Have you included the reference list in the required style/formatting?
  • Other
  1. Does your paper adequately answer the question asked in the assignment?
  2. Have you developed your paper in a way that your key arguments and thoughts are easy to follow and understand?
  3. Have you used explicit headings in your text?
  4. Have you checked for plagiarism?
  5. Have you checked your grammar and spelling?
  6. When using abbreviations or acronyms have you provided at the first time, the components of phrase or name?
  7. Have you included the table of contents?
  8. Have you used the required formatting in your text?
  9. Have you asked somebody else to read your paper over?
  10. Have you checked for any unnecessary or repetitious words?
  11. Have you made your concluding remarks clear, interesting and objective?
  12. Have you ensured that your paper is saved as Microsoft office word document and labeled/titled as required before submission?