Module II

Training Program: Impact of Environmental Pollutants on Reproductive Health

Principal Investigator: Prof. Dr. Amina Farag

Module II: Environmental Pollution
Module Instructors: Dr. mohamed fakhry     Prof. Dr. Amina T. Farag

Dr. Mohamed Fakhry,
Lecturer of Occupational
Health and Industerial 
Medicine, Alexandria University
 Prof. Dr. Amina Farag,
 Prof of Reproductive Toxicology
 Alexandria University


Both men and women who are exposed to environmental toxins in the home and in the workplace may increase their risk of reproductive effects. Exposure of women, because of the potential risk for pregnancy, can also result in exposures to the developing infant. Participants will develop an understanding of the reproductive consequences of exposure to hazardous substances such as dioxins, solvents, pesticides, and biological and infectious substances that may be encountered in the home, the workplace, and in the environment.

The objective of this module is to provide basic knowledge and skills in environmental pollution and how to change their attitude to  protective themselves against the major environmental pollutants.

The contents of this module will be classified as follows:
1. Explain the purpose of the module

2. Lectures as Pdf, PowerPoint Presentation, and video
Through this module, six lectures will be presented as Pdf, PowerPoint presentation
and video record as follows:Definition/Sources of pollution/ and routes of exposure

  • Definition of Pollution
  • Air pollution
  • Water Pollution
  • Soil contamination
  • Food contamination
  • Impact of Environmental Pollutants on Reproductive Health

3. Short Quiz as multiple choice questions

Practical Session of Module II: Problem Solving of Environmental Pollution By Dr . mohamed fakhry 
Part 1: Air Pollution
Part 2: Water Pollution
Part 3: Soil Contamination
Part 4: Food Contamination