Prof Amina Farag

Prof Dr. Amina Farag,
Department of Pesticide Chemistry and Technology,
Faculty of Agriculture,
Alexandria University

Approximately thirty years experience in the field of Reproductive Toxicology.
She is principal investigator for research projects. Her professional career has focused on the reproductive toxicology in relation to community health problems.

She had training courses in USA such as: Methods of reproductive toxicology, Basic principles in Embryology, Environmental pathology, and Human Risk Assessment. Several of her publications have been published in this area in local and international journals.

She is working with epidemiological studies through the projects. She and her team have developed a training program in impact of environmental  pollutants on reproductive health and it has been successfully completed
through two versions (2007- 2010). Through this work, she cooperated with multidisciplinary team from different area and jobs. She had been invited to the risk analysis conference in USA to present the outcomes of the scientific work in the field of risk assessment.

Responsible for teaching chemistry and pesticide toxicology courses to  agricultural under and postgraduate students. Supervisor on several MSc and PhD thesis in different faculties such as Agricultural, Medical, and Science. Besides, she is working in collaborative with Ministry of Health in Alexandria, Occupational Health Directorate, and different Faculties in Alexandria.

She holds memberships in several societies, attended and participated in local
and international conferences, and she is a reviewer in some international journals.