Prof Dr Bahiga Hafez


Bahiga Hafez, PhD
Professor in Community and Occupational Medicine Department, 
Faculty of Medicine,
Alexandria University

Approximately forty years experience in the field of Industrial Medicine and Occupational 
Health. She is a head of Public Healthy and Social Medicine- Faculty of Medicine- Zaire 
University for five years and had mission for 3 months at Bordeaux University- France 1985. 
Two years as visitor Professor,  Faculty of Medicine Cochin Port- Royal- Paris (1988- 1990), 
two years scientific mission at University of Completeness- Madrid- Spain (1993-1995), 
Visitor Professor and Exams supervisor at Beirut ARAB University (1999- 20001). 
Supervisor on many theses (masters and Doctorates), jury member in permanent scientific 
committee, and consultant of different community projects. She is a membership in several 
societies such as French Medical Association for Industrial Med & Occupational Health, 
Community Med. Association- Egypt, Consultant member of specialized committee Bibliotheca 
Alexandria, etc. Consultant on different community projects. Several publications have been 
published in the area of industrial medicine and Occupational Health in national and 
international journals. Teaching industrial medicine and Occupational Health to medical 
students and postgraduates.